I am confused.


I read comments from certain individuals how cruel some people can be. How some are heartless and then continue to blather on a daily basis how one side always victimizes another side…. But when the very side that you fiercely defend started out judging and mocking you- you do what? You become their poster child.

I struggled with myself if I should post the screen grabs- part of me was like: “Why wouldn’t I?” but another part of me asked: “what purpose does it serve?”. I’m pretty sure you already know what the very people you call “Friends” called you. It would be like rubbing salt in a very raw and infected wound and I’m really not big on inflicting that kind of pain- no matter what my personal feelings may be.

You told me once to “Clean my backyard first” and I can honestly say there are thousands of us everyday that stand together- united– in a cause that fights a whole lot harder and with a whole lot more integrity then what is slung around on your side.

I get it- people have said horrible things about you and you have said horrible things about people. Whatever excuse you make to justify that us between you and God. I know I have a whole community that I can learn from- evolve- and become better in a healthy supportive environment. I can’t say the same for you.

Now Im sure- like anything and everything else- you’ll take this as a personal attack even though it’s not. You’ll clamber and pound away on your keyboard in self righteous anger proclaiming how we love our dogs more than humans- (which of course.. Your wrong as usual.)

Maybe- you should ask your very own team mates why they did exactly to you what you always say never happens. They judged you. They called you the “pit nutter“. They said you should be thrown in jail for child endangerment- even for murder. They called the tragedy preventable. They doubted your story- it “didn’t make sense” to them why any parent would leave their kid with a person with two pit bulls.

It seems straight out of the gate who begun attacking and doubting- and it wasn’t from me or anyone that I associate with. Although it would seem you know them- rather well. So- I can’t help but wonder- will hold them accountable for the horrible things they said about you? Will you demand apologies from them? Part of me doubts it- which confuses me- and a whole lotta people too.

2 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. Why does it confuse you, oh blogger lady? He has forgiven and forgotten those closer to him and for a deeper wounding than words bantered about on the internet. No surprise to me…….


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