WTF Friday…

There are somethings that are said in this world that makes you just…. Well, you decide for yourself:



I know you are asking yourself if you really just read that and the answer is- yes, you just read that sick sh@t. Now, come on- you know that isn’t the end of this convo…


I mean- who doesn’t sit around and google beastality stories in their spare time? But… I know I can count on BSL Advocates to find them…


Yep, somethings never change. Stay classy, you crazy twit.


Good ‘ole Measly Beasley-  nobody but perverted animal abusing creeps find your jokes funny… Which explains why only BSL advocates found that funny..


No, you pathetic waste of human flesh- men and women fight for these dogs because they know what you are doing is WRONG. Although if you think the only mistake that sick bitch made was taking pictures of the abuse- you should go stick your head in a used port-a-bathroom at a chilli cook off…


So Gary likes to sit back and watch the hoe stroll…. I’m pretty sure serial killers loved doing that too..


Seriously, we should do a group gofundme to pay for some serious psychotherapy for these morons… I think Baby Jesus would approve.  


3 thoughts on “WTF Friday…

  1. OMFG.

    I can’t believe these people think this is funny. It’s such an extreme form of abuse. Really, making fun of bestiality is somewhat akin to making fun of pedophilia. There’s nothing humorous there.

    And the guy who likes watching hookers on the stroll…Yes, there’s nothing sexier than a broken, desperate human forced into a degrading job to support a drug habit she only developed to cope with the unresolved trauma of childhood sexual abuse. But hey, she’s wearing a short skirt. Good times!

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