The Adventures of Billy

Meet Billy.


Billy is your garden variety grumpy pit bull hating BSL advocate. Poor Billy, he’s never happy unless he planning how to kill pit bulls.

One day, Billy decides to go for a walk.


Billy the grumpy BSL advocate can’t believe his eyes! How dare someone walk a mutant land shark in his neighborhood!


Billy dropped to his knees raging at his God! Alas, his God ignored Billy and possibly thought about smiting Billy..


Poor Billy. He has completely lost his freaking marbles. It would not be a far stretch to assume Billy pounded a few beers back before he left the house this morning…


It is possible the poor pit bull and owner have never seen so much stupidity radiate from one man…


Billy ran as fast as his drunk legs would let him… Which was not very fast….


Billy’s fingers flew over the keyboard as he relived the horrific events of the day! He sobbed in relief has he spews bullshit via facebook.


Poor Billy the drunken grumpy BSL Advocate, he might never leave his house again.

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