“Just Kill them ALL”

Yes, that is exactly what Tony Solesky, Board member of Daxton’s Friends recommends for not just pit bulls- but ALL dogs sitting in shelters.


“Simply gas all dogs regardless of breed that wind up on shelters.. ALL OF THEM.”

I think this speaks volumes of their agenda…. “Just kill ’em all”.


Dear Scrappy,

I’m pretty sure you don’t remember, but you started life in a real crappy place, but I remember when I first saw you. Getting a new dog wasn’t on my list and I wasn’t even prepared for when I first saw you.

Covered in dog poop, trembling and I’m pretty sure at one point you peed on me but I knew, deep down you were going to be part of our family.


Begrudgingly Gustavo accepted you, the kid adored you and the hubby knew you weren’t going anywhere, you had found your forever home.


I won’t lie, you were not the easiest puppy. You destroyed 2 pillows, chewed a couch cushion up, dug a hole in a mattress (with some help from Gustavo),  chewed a few phone cords, a couple of shoes, a remote and countless puppy toys…


But every night, you curled right by my legs, rested your head on my knee and fell asleep.  You knew you belonged here.

I watched you grow every day, you learned how to sit and use the doggy door. You played with the kid, fetched the balls, watched her dance, listened to her sing and became her best friend.


Oh, Scrappy McScrapster. I know there are people out there that will judge you based off how you look. They will assume that you will do horrible things and they don’t even know you… But I know you.


I know that you sit at the window and wait for the kid to come home. I know that you protect the other kid from roaming dinosaurs, because you are just that awesome.

You were here when the new addition came, those sleepless nights, the rattles, the bouncers and the infamous walker. You watched Frozen on repeat, became a honorary member of paw patrol and joined tea parties.


You are not just a good dog, but you are a freaking awesome dog and you are not alone. Sure, there are those morons that will slobber and screen cap your image, call you horrible names in their hate groups but I know you and to be honest… You don’t care.


Why? ‘Cuz you, Mr. Scrappy McScrapster, the Amazing Bat dog are just that awesome.

Thank you for just being you.


Come on…..

Come on. Come the f@ck on. Alright, I get there are legitimate breeders out there. Legitimate, ethical breeders that want to better the breeds of dogs that they love. Whatever-  I don’t hold anything against you… but then- you have people like… the Toadline and Iron Mitt Kennels.

You know what, let me just give a great big F@CK You shout out to Iron Mitt Kennels. Seriously. First of all… your over priced mutts (Yes, you read that correctly- over priced mutts) are not a pure bred anything much less an American Pit Bull Terrier.


Hello to the next generation of seemingly legitimate back yard breeders (Yes, that was a purposeful oxy-moron.). Who the heck knows what those dogs are mashed with.  Some American Pit Bull Terrier? Sure! How about some American Bulldog? Well Duh…. Sprinkle in some Mastiff to reach that whopping 155 lbs? Why the hell not? Maybe some…. Mini Schnauzer? Who the hell knows? Great Dane? Could be?!!



You know what I see when I read their “resume” of pedigrees? Blah, blah, mutt, fancy mutt, American Bully, mutt, over priced mutt, American Pit Bull Terrier x with what ever, mutt, some more mutt…. and then the “Top Producing American Pitbull Terriers in the country” nonsense. Gee- Where have I heard that before? Oh riiiiiight… from every backyard breeder EVER. Every back yard breeder will tell you their mix mashed mutts up are top of the line!  I wonder how well that line of bullshit worked out for back yard breeders that created Niko- the over 130 lb mutt who killed a young 4 year old girl in Louisiana.

The scary part is…. they inbred these bad boys. They want bigger. Bigger head, bigger body, more mass, deeper chests, bigger, badder and not one single thought of the damage they are doing to millions of innocent dogs.


One thousand dollars as a deposit….


… and the break down of prices…. but HEY! If you can’t afford that, not a big deal! Iron Mitt Kennels out of Michigan offers a swip swap trade for these puppies.


Let’s talk truth for a moment- As long as we (As pit bull, Bully breed or whatever owners) allow this shit to keep going on, we will be fighting Breed Specific Legislation for the rest of our lives and our children and their children will be doing the same thing. What is the solution? I don’t know- but I do know, that as a community that loves our dogs and know just how awesome, strong, hard working and inspiring they are and can be, we are going to have to be the ones that demand some sort of something to protect not just our dogs, but all dogs from this type of greed.

I know that back yard breeders affect every breed out there, but when something goes horribly wrong with back yard breeders breeding dogs like this, like the case of Mia DeRouen– it becomes deadly and horrific. People like Iron Mitt Kennels are the gas that fuels Breed Specific Legislation.


I mean, are these the people that we want representing our dogs? How many times has this dog been bred? How many people have bought or traded jet skis and what not for her puppies?


What happens if that dog from their “purebred American Pit Bull Terrier” line gets tired of being sat on and bites the child? I can tell you what will happen….millions of families and innocent dogs will pay the price for it. Is that what you want?


Why don’t you feel sorry?

“Why aren’t you sorry? Don’t you feel sorry? YOU BETTER FEEL SORRY OR WE WILL MAKE YOU SORRY!”- says Every BSL Advocate/Daxton’s Friends/Dogsbite.org member


I always feel sorry for the fear mongering morons over in the dismal land of the BSL Advocacy. I’m sorry that they willingly chose to live in such a sorry state of mind.

I mean, I get that they feel such a surge of manic excitement when they search out dog attacks or that they google pit bull owners over and over (even when they swear up and down they never ever care about what they have to say or do…) just to watch with rabid devout secret longing of the normality that their obsessions thrive in.  I feel sorry that they live in such a sorry pitiful state of suspended sorryness


…. No, seriously…. I just kidding! #sorrynotsorry that the BSL Advocacy is addicted to me. Although, considering some of the addiction issues that certain BSL advocates face,  :::coughcoughdrugdealingspainkillersboozedrivingwhileinoxicatedonsuspendedlicenses::::: I can see why they can not help themselves.

I wish I could be sorry that they hate the fact that the truth is being shown, but… #sorrynotsorry. I mean, we all know the saying “they hate what they fear” and the fear is strong among them over in the land of BSL Advocacy.

I get it, they want me to shut up. They want me to stop exposing them. They want me to be sorry that I show…. their true message. They want me to stop sharing their words, literally- screen shots of their very own words.  They want to make me sorry that I dare to point out the painfully obvious….


But… #sorrynotsorry. I couldn’t make up 99.99999% of the stupid, hateful, violent, sorry stuff you write on a daily basis if I tried… But I have ZERO problem sharing your stupidity on a daily basis and since you claim you are the #silentmajority- why are you so worried about such a nobody blogger like myself?


WTF Friday- Gary Young

Not sure what they are drinking over at Daxton’s Friends but they should probably slow down a bit… or just stop.

Today’s WTF moment is brought to you by Gary Young.


Gary has some self admitted issues, but it seems to be a issue that runs ramped in the Daxton’s Friends community.


Gary apparently likes to image dog orgies that involve cannibalism. From what it sounds like, Gary wasn’t alone in watching the weirdness?


The probability of Gary meaning “we” as in multiple personalities lurking his brain seem more likely than a bunch of people watching that made up nonsense.

Hold on, Gary isn’t done yet…


I will give you a moment to go rinse your mouth out since I’m pretty sure you just vomited a bit after reading that exchange… The irony is not lost on me as Gary calls pit bull owners sick as he makes up sex scenarios involving beastality.


There are somethings in this world you can never unread and this- is one of those things.

(I apologize if you were a fan of Micheal Bolton before Gary inserted him in his fantasy….)


“A Kentucky woman was beaten, scalped and had a part of her ear torn off when police say her ex-boyfriend sicced his pit bull on her in a vicious attack.”- The Daily Mail


I can’t even imagine the absolute fear and horrific unimaginable pain this single mother of one felt as she was brutality attacked by her ex- boyfriend.

“As the dog was ripping in to her face and head, this man took something sharp cutting into her main artery and that wasn’t the worst of it, he cut into her scalp leaving her with 70% of her skull exposed. “

80% of her scalp was cut by her boyfriend, while the rest of it was ripped off during the dog attack. Her ex- boyfriend, Gross spent over an hour torturing her before having his dog attack her.

He proceeded to ridicule her on the way she looked after he had done this damage to her, putting her in front of the mirror and laughing,’ wrote Brittney Burkhart.

I honestly can’t believe that Daxton’s Friends and BSL Advocates have actually sunk to a new low… This woman and her son are victims and will be forever scarred by this horrific and violent crime but let’s take a peek and see how BSL Advocates and Daxton’s Friends are treating this victim behind closed doors in their private hate groups.


How is Daxton’s Friends a victims advocacy? Take the dog out of the equation, even before he had the dog attack her, the piece of shit was torturing her for over an hour and even AFTER the dog attack.

She is out of the 960,000 victims of domestic violence a year. She is one of 2,100,000 women that is attacked by a man and thanks to Daxton’s Friends and Dogsbite.org, this victim is being re- victimized all over again by a bunch of pathetic excuses of human flesh.


Who are the members of this Facebook hate group called The Pit Bull Problem?

Take a look for yourself:


Jeff Borchardt, Founder of Daxton’s Friends- he has both his normal and lurker profile in there to be safe. Next, another Daxton’s Friends board member Dennis Baker.


Yet another Daxton’s Friends Board member, Sharon Yildiz….


Of course, the notorious creator and founder of Dogsbite.org Colleen Lynn.

Do the world a favor Borchardt & Lynn, stop pretending victims really matter to you.

Are you sure?


Poor Aimee, she has a Great Dane that caught one of her ducks. Is it reeeaaalllly a reat Dane? According to Aimee- it sure is! Although, according to DBO moron Clarice, her Great Dane has magically turned into a PIT BULL!


Poor Aimee, she’s about to engage with the DBO Dog Breed Identifying Experts…


Oh, Aimee… I know you are not an idiot and I’m pretty sure you would know what your dogs are….


But… I think your fellow DBO members doubt you know what your own dogs are…


You know… That white dog in the blurry picture, According to Nancy- DBO Expert Dog Breed Identifier it could be part pit bull!


Are you sure Aimee? Are you really for sure??


I have this sneaky feeling they don’t believe Aimee….


It could be a conspiracy! Maybe Aimee was duped! Somehow, Aimee the avid BSL advocate doesn’t know her own dogs!?


Jeffery just can’t see the aussie in the white dog on the couch in the blurry picture….


Gee Aimee… Aren’t DBO members such great friends?

::::::: UPDATE::::::

Normally I don’t add onto a blog post… But seriously folks, those morons over at The Pit Bull Propaganda are STILL trying to convince Aimee has no clue what her dog is….

This is Aimee’s questionable dog…

Ears like a pit bull…?

Hold on… Nancy is going to google:

Google… The training tool of DBO Expert Breed Identifiers everywhere.

Sorry Aimee…. They believe your non pit bull dogs are pit bulls.