He’s sorry….

Parenting 101

Protect the children. Your children, my children, all children. That means making good decisions in regard to daycare, supervision, exposure and having no problem pointing out when grown adults are using innocent children for their sick and twisted purposes.

Maybe Mr. Borchardt does not understand this concept. I mean, how could he?
– Maybe he doesn’t understand how offensive it can be when “adults” use images of children and post them on a Facebook page- go ahead and check it out.

Now- it wasn’t until I pointed out how unethical it is that a “victims advocacy” with a “family oriented dog education website” using images of children- some dressed- some partially undressed that they decided to finally cover the faces of the children.

And- like I predicted the night before- Mr. Borchardt is attempting to insult me- but if he had any children…. Or if his son was still alive– he would understand that using my image is just fine- as long as the child was shielded from the pedophiliac nature of some of the Dogsbite.org members. Maybe he never had the time to develop a parental instinct to shield a child?


So yes, this "Bozo” and thousands of other “Bozo’s” took offense to Mr. Borchardts obvious exploitation and total disregard for these innocent children. Maybe this is a hard habit to break? He does do this often…but yes- Mr. Borchardt SHOULD change his way of thinking and we are proud of the fact that some sort of post parental instinct might be kicking in! Since Mr. Borchardt LOVES using my images and he LOVES to confess he has images of myself, my children and my family than I know he should have ZERO problem covering the images of children. I give Mr. Borchardt permission to use my personal image- pictures of me- to protect the faces of innocent children.

That’s great you are sorry Mr. Borchardt– but it’s not me you need to apologize too but to the parents of those children.

*none of the images of children, including mine were submitted to be used by Jeff Borchardt for any purpose & Facebook page.

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