Each and every day Mr. Borchardt and his buddies makes our job easier. We honestly don’t have to do a thing and Mr. Borchardt chips away at his own credibility by his OWN words and By his OWN actions.

Remember this?


He threw such a fit and it has been shared and viewed over and over again. Remember how he came up with his great idea to create yet another hate page?

He was EXCITED! He was going to jet off to work (yes, I know…. Stop laughing, he has to help his wife support his stalking one way or another..) and come home and create this NEW PAGE!


Well, he is a man of his words. This grown man, rushed home, hoped online and created yet a new hate page with the sole intention of exposing children to their audience of craziness. Such ambition, such drive…. such…creepiness.

Right, Mr. Borchardt? You, the founder of Daxton’s Friends have created a page, which you are so excited about with the main intention of sharing images of children with dogs, correct?

“Owner submitted” emailed to Daxton’s friends- ran by Mr. Jeff & Kim Borchardt who expressed how much FUN it was to respond to each email. So, Mr. Borchardt– are you taking 100% ownership of this page or are you just passing on images of partially dressed children to a public forum? (*If you Mr. Borchardt, feel that somehow we are not understanding your intention, feel free to email me. I mean, I know you won’t so I’ll wait for your little comments on your hate pages, your name calling and your temper tantrum.)

The not so funny thing- there are partially dressed children in these images and according to Powers Lake Sheriffs department (contact #- 262-843-2371) notify them & your local police department> Unfortunately, this is not the first time Mr. Borchardt has used unauthorized images of children in his campaign.  Now, this Bozo (which Mr. Bogart likes to call me…) is no stupid clown and even I know and many other people know how wrong that is.  In fact- many many many more will soon know of the dirty, unethical and possibly criminal activities of this “victims advocacy”.

Woot woot… all aboard this train. Destination- Foamerville.

Crazy Train

If you have been harassed, images lifted, unauthorized images used, especially of children, please contact me at foamertalk@icloud.com.



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