How do you define a Hiccup? Medically?
“A slang term for a short-term disruption within a longer-term plan, goal, or trend. “
,. Sometimes we have to break it down for Dogsbite.org Foamers- I totally get that their collective brain power is focused on googling dog attacks pit bull or supposed pit bull attacks and lack common sense or the basic vocabulary knowledge of a 2nd grader has but we don’t have problem extending them a helping hand.

You know what’s not a “hiccup”?
Being mauled by a pack of Rottweilers.

Let’s throw in some visuals for our intellectually challenged Foamers-

A Hiccup-

The main star of “How to train your Dragon” is named Hiccup!

Not a Hiccup-

Being attacked by those dogs? Totally not a hiccup.

A Hiccup-


Not a Hiccup-

Being eaten by a snake? Totally not considered a “hiccup”.

A Hiccup-


Not a Hiccup-

I’m sure that surfer would rather have a case of hiccups than a case of great white shark under him…

A Hiccup-

A hiccup and then some!

Not a Hiccup-

Uhh…. Nope.

:::::sigh::::: Joanna, no- I know- you wish those dogs could magically turn into pit bulls..

Hey Jeffery Sloan, why don’t you wrote a note to the critically injured woman and her family and explain to her how being attacked by a of large dogs is “probably just a hiccup”. Don’t forget to add- “Whew! Thank god it wasn’t a pit bull- just slap some band aids on you… All over you.”



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